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Mobile Photography with Samsung S7

Samsung S7 and S8 have the best mobile camera's as far as i have seen.😍
If You have an S7 with you, You should use all these features, because these are fun!!!πŸ’–πŸ˜œπŸ˜œ
First of all let me tell you what are the features available with the camera of a S7:πŸ“±
Samsung s7 has a 12MP camera withπŸ“·

  • Automatic mode - In this mode all the image adjustments are done automatically. Mostly the images are saturated automatically so that the image looks very colorful for a colorful background. In this mode if U need to focus on a particular point or increase the brightness of the image even at the time of shooting itself, it can be done in a simple way. U just have to touch the place to be focused on your phone, that also brings up the brightness adjustment option.
  • A Manual mode(pro) -In this mode everything has to be done manually the Shutter speed, the iso, the focus can be done either automatically or manually. 
  • Selective Focus - In this mode when you select an object to focus and hold it steady the object will be visible clearly and most of the surroundings are blurred.
  • Panorama- this mode is to take a picture of a vast area by moving the phone in one direction.
  • Slow motion- this mode is to capture an action in slow motion, the only drawback with this is U cannot increase the brightness and the video quality for this mode is also little poor compared to other modes.U can also edit the video after shooting immediately. For example if u need the last half of the video to be in slow motion instead of the first part u can do that by simply dragging the cursor and u can export the video, this is the only feature that i felt is little less compared to iphone's because of the video quality.
  • Hyper lapse - this mode is like a fast forward of your activity.
  • Food - this mode is what i love most,it works the same as selective focus,at the same time it also enhances the color of the food makes the food very tempting in the picture πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ 
  • Virtual shot - this gives you a 360° view of the place.
  • Video collage- You can make multiple video collage at the time of shooting itself.
  • Live Broadcast- it is to host live broadcasts on your YouTube channel.
Apart from these there are many features available in Samsung store that you can download and use few of them are:

  • Animated Gif's - We always wanted to make gif's of our own. if so this feature is really helpful.
  • Sports shot - this mode is used to shoot fast moving objects clearly.
  • Dual Camera - it open both your front and back camera simultaneously
The front camera also have features such as animated gif's and live broadcast and it also has another useful mode called the "Wide Selfie" which is similar to the panorama shot but with limited coverage and with the front camera.
Also You have option to increase your skin tone, to adjust the brightness of the face, and to make your face looks slim or u can even make your eyes look big.

Another feature of s7 is that U also have Burst Shot and HDR options.
Apart from all these option there are many other modes that are available on the samsung store that u can download either for free or by paying.
These are some of the options you can use to show off that your a "pro" in mobile Photography😜😜
Hope this Helps 😊😊


  1. Wow.... This is awesome, we couldn't carry camera everywhere. Thanks for the tips G.


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