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How to apply Canada tourist Visa(H1 Holders)

Today the post is about applying Tourist Visa for Canada .
You can apply Visa online through this site
Once You enter the above link You Will see two options:

  • Sign-in Partner
  • GCKey
If You have an account with the sign-in partners listed, then You can sign in Using them.

Since most of us does not hold an account with the sign-in partner's,you can continue with creating a GCKey.

Creating a GCKey involves a few security questions and password.Be sure to remember the username or note it down somewhere privately, because once u forget your username you cannot retrieve your account, also remember the answers to your security questions because every time you login you will be asked to answer a security question.
Even though you forget your username it wont be a problem. You can create a new user ID using the same e-mail address.
Once you login you will see options like Express Entry, Visitor Visa etc.,
You can click either express entry or Visitor Visa.

In Both cases you will be asked to answer a set of questions to find out if you're eligible to apply the visitor visa.
In case you're applying through express entry you may need a nomination letter from the province you are visiting,which most of us will not have , so it's safe to enter through visitor visa tab.

If you are travelling with you spouse or any other dependent's make sure you mention that in the eligibility survey, because once you start filling the application there will be applications for each person who are travelling with you.

If you are eligible at the end of the survey you will be directed to the documents page where you must  upload all the necessary documents.
In case it says that your not eligible. check the reason, if it was something about the province letter Redo the application process with the visitor visa tab.
Just revoke your GCkey, and create a new GCKey with the same e-mail id.. It is possible,you can create multiple GCKEy's under same email-id. And you have to go through the process allover again from the beginning.

If You are eligible then You can start uploading the documents.
Most of the documents like passport,visa and the front pages should be uploaded under a single upload, in that case you can insert the images into a single pdf and upload the pdf.
While filling in the application You should mention the date of your travel which is a mandatory field. You should upload either Your travel itenary or hotel itenary, so make sure you have one of those before applying the visa.
In case You don't have any of the itenary You can always hold the process,because your application will be valid for 90 days.
And you may have another doubt regarding filling the application field- the signature.
Since you will be filling in the application using Adobe Reader you cannot upload your Signature, even while uploading the completed application if there's no signature ,it doesn't matter because the page asks you to upload the application without signature only.
One more thing to remember is you should not print the application sign on it, and upload the scanned copy, it is asked to upload the digital copy only.
While submitting the application you will be asked for the signature. so no worried on that.
You should pay 100$ for each applicant.
Once the payment is done your application will be submitted and you will get confirmation emails.
Do not forget the Username and Password because further communication's regarding the application and the progress will be received in the mailbox that you have in your GCKey Login.

After you submit the application, in 5-7 days you will receive a message from the immigration asking to submit the passport either through mail or in person.
personally i do not prefer mailing it, because i heard some lost the passport in the mailing process. So i went to NYC .
The Walk-in Does not need an appointment. Based on you nationality You may or may not attend an interview or Bio-metrics.
If You are going to submit the passport in person here's what you need:

  • the confirmation letter which you received in your GCKey login.
  • the consent form(2 copies)for each applicant, under the primary applicant
  • Passport
  • Your visa or master card to make the payment.
There was 20 mins waiting time which is fine by the way 😊
And within 7-10 business days You will again receive a message from the immigration or You can track your application online and collect the passport.

The entire process takes around 15-21 days.

Hope this Helps!!!!😊😊



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