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Holland Ridge Tulip Festival-Experience

Holland Ridge Farms is Hosting their first-ever Tulip festival this Year.
This is one of the Biggest Tulip Field's in the East-Coast.
Here's What You Should Know About the festival and here are some Pictures from Last Week(04/27/2018)
There are basically Three Time Slots Available i) 7.30AM-9 AM ii) 9AM-6 PM iii)6.PM- 8.30PM
You can also Buy Tickets online here: can buy them there while entering.

For Kids :
For Kids to be entertained they have hayrides, theatre and a small preview of the farm animals.
It's a Big Farm so Kids can run around and enjoy them.

When's the Best Time to Visit:
The early Morning is obviously Less crowded and you can get some great pictures at that time.
Or weekdays is always a great time. With wonderful weather, it's always great to be there.
In weekend's its really really crowded cause people from all many different places visit.
With the Rising temperature, it's said that the tulips won't be in bloom if …
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Tip's for a Better Spring Getaway !!!

Hello Spring !!!!

"Spring is Nature's Way of Telling. Let's Partaaaayyyyy!!!!" 

So Before You Pack Your Bags for a Great Spring Vacation Here's What You Should Consider:

-Social media is always the best place to know the current status of any spring Getaway.
Most of the Spring Getaways are a great spot for some great Flower Show's, So to Know about the update of the event, follow the event page or it's hashtag on Instagram and look for recent posts, if that's not available, Look for location tags on Facebook and Instagram that are recent so that you will get an idea of what is going on currently.

-Some places in the US have a live camera that can be been accessed in this site

- If either of the options doesn't workout contact the event organizer's or some of your friend's in that location to get an update.

- Plan your spring Getaways after April first week. So that You won't be disappointed with the blooms either.

Shop like a Pro

Everyone must be interested to learn, how to save some extra bucks while you shop.
Here are some tips that will help you:
-Prefer shopping at outlet malls(I would Recommend Trying Jersey Shore Premium Outlets at TintonFalls, NJ if you're an NJ Resident. ) where you can check out various stores and it's also a Little cheaper compared to store prices. Most of the stores in the Mall have some sale going on all the time and always have some discount coupons online most of the time.
- In case if You cant find any coupons on the respective store's site, there is always another option,      visit a hub of all the available coupons for most of the stores, look for coupons that are currently active.
-Subscribe to the mailing list of the stores where you frequently visit, so they notify you about the current offers.
-For most Indian Women, the dresses here in the US won't be much convenient. I would like to suggest few stores that suit our needs. - Store…

Unknown Uses of Google Photos

Google Photos is the photo app that has been designed by google.
We all may know that is used to store Photos in the Cloud Which can be accessed by us irrespective of device and memory, but there are some hidden uses of which, you might not have explored.
Here are such Uses:

Editing Photos and Videos:
We can make a photo slideshow with the pictures present in  the library and add in some music and some titles etc.,
You can create a video presentation with existing images/videos or u can edit,trim videos and add to the presentation.
But the editing features are limited to certain fields such as effects, animation creating a slow motion etc.,but somehow i find it useful to make picture slideshows.

Searching made Easy:
We may be lost in a number of photos so its sometimes hard finding a picture or an event. You must remember the year and month to find out a particular image.
But do you know we can get the photos by typing in the name of any person in the picture or the place where it has …

A Glimpse of the Solar Eclipse 2017

Hello all,
Hope Everyone Had a Good Glimpse of the Solar Eclipse that happened on August 21st ,2017.
In Case You missed it. Here are few pictures for You
Location: Edison ,NJ,USA
TimeStamp: between 2pm and 3.50pm

 Camera: Canon T5i

How to apply Canada tourist Visa(H1 Holders)

Today the post is about applying Tourist Visa for Canada .
You can apply Visa online through this site
Once You enter the above link You Will see two options:

Sign-in PartnerGCKey If You have an account with the sign-in partners listed, then You can sign in Using them.
Since most of us does not hold an account with the sign-in partner's,you can continue with creating a GCKey.

Creating a GCKey involves a few security questions and password.Be sure to remember the username or note it down somewhere privately, because once u forget your username you cannot retrieve your account, also remember the answers to your security questions because every time you login you will be asked to answer a security question.
Even though you forget your username it wont be a problem. You can create a new user ID using the same e-mail address.
Once you login you will see options like Express Entry, Visitor Visa etc.,
You can click either express entry or Visitor Visa.

In Bot…

DIY Easy Paper Flowers

DIY Paper Flowers:

Hi everyone,
U might have seen a lot of Diy's for paper Flowers.
But am going to Tell You a Most easy way.

Cut the papers into small Circles
Fold them into halves.
Fold them Further.
Fold The First Half of the Triangle front.(Sorry,since it's a GIF the image Quality is little poor)
Fold the Second Half Backwards. You will get a triangle again.

You need to cut the triangle in the shape You want your petals to be. For example i have tried two different  possibilities .

When You open the paper You will get this:

You can also cut these into different patterns(

You can also make Bigger flowers using big Circle' can make many of those in different sizes.
This is how it looks at the end:

Hope this Helps !!!!