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Auto Shut Down PC

Everyone must have Wondered how to Auto Shutdown Your PC???
There are ways to set timer in your Television, Have You ever Wondered are there ways to set timer for a PC.
Yes !!!! There is.😍😍

Here are the steps:

Go to Command Prompt or press windows+R type "cmd" and enter

The command prompt opens, type the below command.

shutdown /s /t seconds 

ex: shutdown /s /t 1200  
to shutdown in 20 minutes
A notification appears in the taskbar saying Your system will should down in so&so seconds.
Simple !!!!!

Hope this tip helps...
Good Day😊😊😊

Top Golf @ Edison NJ

So I happened to Visit this place Last weekend.
Even though it's my first Time there and we went there Unplanned We Ended Up waiting in a big Queue. So here are few tips if your Planning on Visiting this Place in the near Future.
This Top Golf is located in the US1 Highway. We Went around 10.30 pm as i already mentioned it was unplanned ,We happened to wait for few mins to get our membership card's for each one of us, which is 50$/person. These rates may differ if you happen to visit there in the morning or the noon time. But i would Suggest you to Visit it in the Night time because it was whole new experience to play Golf at the night Time.
So we got the Membership card and one of the attender's told me the Waiting time will be two hours. Since it's late already and we have no where to go we ended up waiting in the food court ( offcourse there's an open bar😜). and the Thing is that At First It was Irritating to me to wait for such a long time.But i never realize…

Here Are Some Mobile Photograph's

Just a Sample of My Pictures that has been edited With Snapseed.

Even though Each one is taken with Different Camera's.
I felt it Easy to edit the Pictures With Snapseed.😜😜

The First Two was taken With Canon T5i and Edited with Snapseed. Other's are OffCourse Mobile Photography😊😊

Hope You Got an idea of the App.
Good Day 😊😊😊

Step 2 Of Mobile Photography

Editing Pictures with Snapseed:

Even Though there are Many Editing app's,I personally Prefer Snapseed and Light room app.
Below are the Step by Step Procedure of How I Edit My Images Using SnapSeed😊😊
This is the image i have selected to Edit Today and i have opened it in the Snapseed App.
When You Click the Edit Button in the Bottom You will see the Following Options

 The Tools Tune Image, Crop, Rotate, Perspective, White Balance, Brush and Etc.,
The Tune Image is one we use most. The Tune Image Appears as follows:

You can Play with these options till You get an Desired Output.
As We already Know About Brightness and Contrast,
Saturation enhances the color and highlights them a little.
Shadows lets you Add on a little brightness in the shadowed places or You can add some more darkness to focus on the Subject.
Warmth helps you to increase the warmth in the picture .
The other Options like Lens Blur, Glamour Glow are some Filters that usually appears in most of the editing app's…

First Step in Mobile Photography

Beginner's Guide for Mobile Photography:

To Begin With,
Below is one of My Photograph's, details , and the app I used to edit them:
And the point is that, Capturing, as well as editing is done in my mobile in no time😍😍.
This time i will tell ,What mobile Application i have used. In my future posts I will tell You How to edit them handy in seconds : 😜😜😜

This Photograph was taken using a Samsung Galaxy s7. The Point is, With any 12MP camera You will get a Fabulous Image.  But Editing them makes it Perfect.
So Finally the Editing app i used here is " Snapseed". Even though Light room Does have a tremendous Editing Mobile app Snapseed Does it in a nutshell. I would Prefer Snapseed it is user friendly,  Even though Your not a mobile person this helps!!! Kindly Refer my Next post on Editing With Snapseed. Good Day !!😊😊😊😊

Here It Officially Begins.........

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy all,
This is My New Personal Blog.😊😊😊😊😊
I would like to Introduce Myself First.
Am an Indian National, Currently Residing at Edison New Jersey.
I have been a Software Developer, a Video and Photo Editor, a homemaker and now a Blogger 😝

Am here to share some posts on South Indian Cooking😍, Personal opinionsπŸ’, some Women medical StuffπŸ’ƒ ,some help to fix your computer, Few tips on photo Editing , Queries about them. What not!!!😜
And some latest movies,Series am Watching and their reviews, Latest offers, review on the frequently purchased goods, Gardening, Where to Buy What to Buy???

Regarding Food πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹,.
Being a South Indian and a Foodie,I can suggest You Places that you shouldn't miss being a resident of Edison.
Good places for Partying,weekend outing, I could also suggest You some Caterer's, caker's, decorator's and halls for hosting a party in and around Edison,New Jersey.πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

Most of My Posts Will be Related to Photography,Editing Pho…