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Planning A Trip to Bahamas ??? Here's What You Should Know

Have You been Planning a Trip to "The Bahamas"??
Here's What You Should Know:

There are many Package's available online Where You can Pay the Hotel and Flight Fare together. It Came around 600 bucks for a couple for both flight and hotel reservation's,and the main part is the hotel in which we got booked is "The Atlantis" in Paradise Islands. 😍😍

This Deal we got in Since We were taking a flight, we needed a visa,which was also easy to apply. We filled a form and submitted along with our photograph's.
(refer: )
When i submitted I did for 3 of my friend's also. I picked it up in the next three days. Many people go to the Bahamas through cruise which is a 7 days trip or so,but the point is You will not be allowed to see places in Bahamas because you don't have a visa.

It was a two-hour travel from Pennsylvania through flight.
The immigration line was two long in which we waited for almost an hour because it was a long weekend.

We checked in at the coral towers with's reservation.
Since we have no idea on where to go and what to do we ended up roaming the paradise island,that's why I wanted to help You people to explore places around Bahamas.

These are the Things-to-do in Nassau,Bahamas:
  • There are many agencies who rent a Jetski on an hourly basis. If You wish to jet-ski freely it's better to go early in the morning around 7, because the beaches are less crowded and the weather will be pleasant.
  • Parasailing is also available, and other stuff's like banana boat, snorkeling, and scuba diving(which you can go with the help of your hotel)
  • In case You wish to see around The Bahamas.You need to make reservations in advance.
  • There are many island near Nassau Like The pink sand beach and the pig Beach etc., For ex., if You wish to go "The Pink sand Beach"  You need to Board a cruise that leaves Nassau By 8.00 am in the morning and returns around 6.00 pm. For this reservation is needed.
  • There are also other modes of Transportation available to those places, it's little expensive. Since this is a public transportation it is cheap.
  • In the Night time ,many restaurants and bar's are opened. The Night life in "Downtown Nassau" was pretty amazing. There were a number of Bar's and restaurant's lined up, the transportation to the hotel after dinner was also easy to find.
  • The Restaurant's were pretty amazing. I had "the best" Pina-colada in Nassau. 
  • Apart from that there are many activities that are available in the Hotel itself. In "The Atlantis" they have a theme park which is big enough to spend a whole day, they also have dolphin watch, and water parks.there are spa's,arcade's,pottery classes,marine habitat's,pool which is open by 7 in the morning.
  • Here's a Picture from the Dolphin-Cay in "The Atlantis"  you can literally play with the Dolphin's There:
Dolphin Cay

Apart from these , I Would advice you to Enjoy Bahamas in the Early Summer. And if you wish to look around The Bahamas You will have to stay at least 5 days. There are also many cruise options available but i personally Prefer taking a flight,it saves your travel time and allows you to enjoy the Beauty of Bahamas.

Here are Few Pictures on My Trip to the Bahamas, Hope this makes you plan your trip sooner:
The  Beauty of Water

Parasailing(An aerial View of "The Atlantis")

Sunset At "The Atlantis"

Hope This Helps!!!!
Good Day😊😊😊


  1. It's tempting us to go there. Usefuk info and nice photos.


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